72-core ODF Unit

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ODF box specifications, type selection performance:
Adopt completely closed structure, can prevent dust and rats; This modular design, can be up and down into the cable, fixed and reliable grounding; This machine uses high quality steel, the overall electrostatic spray, beautiful and durable;
A cable inlet hole is provided at the bottom of it, the top part of the frame. The cable fixing and stripping device can be installed flexibly, which can meet the requirements of the cable, and can meet the requirements of the cable;
This frame appearance, compact structure, large capacity, high density, suitable for fiber optic ribbon cable and the general; No reasonable winding wire structure, so that the line is very clear and concise, very convenient route;
You can flip the door unit and the front panel can be disassembled, 90 degrees swing open, convenient installation and maintenance of optical fiber; The adapter installed] inclined at an angle of 40 degrees, avoid direct arc pleasant to the eye, also can ensure the curvature radius of the optical fiber is not lessthan 40 mm; You have a safe and reliable grounding protection device. ODF box specifications, selection of technical indicators:
This is consistent with TIA/EIA, ANSI, GB/T3047.2
This frame high voltage protection grounding device and frame insulation resistance than 2*104M /500V (DC). This frame high voltage protection device with resistance voltage greater than 3000V and frame (DC), 1min no breakdown, no flashover. ODF unit box working environment:
When working temperature: -5 to +40 DEG C
When the relative humidity is less than 85% (+30 C)
When the atmospheric pressure: 70 ~ 106Kpa

ODF box specifications, selection of product function
1. Fixed function of the: fiber optic cable in the rack, outer sheath and strengthen the core to mechanically fixed, the installation of ground protection components, end head protection processing, and grouping and protection of optical fiber.
2. Receiving function: cable leads to the fiber and the tail cable splice, the redundant optical fibers are coiled stored, and the weld joint protection.
3. Deployment features: the tail cable joint of the connector to the adapter, and optical
connector adapter on the other side of the realization of optical docking. Adapter connector
and the flexible optical path should be able to swap; can be free to deploy and test.
4 storage function: a cross connection between various optical connection lines provide
storage, so that they can rule neatly placed. Optical fiber box should have the appropriate
space and way, so that this part of the light connection line clear, easy to adjust, and can
meet the requirements of the minimum bending radius.
Characteristics and introduction of ODF single box:
Optical fiber distribution box for connected to the wiring of the cable and optical
communications equipment, through the box wiring adapter, optical jumper leads to optical
signal, realize the function of optical wiring. The protection of cables and wiring for fiber
connection, optical fiber terminal also applies to the use of optical access network. Connector plug endurance life >1000 times. The whole radius of curvature radius of curvature of any control, ensure the position of the
optical fiber is greater than 30mm. Make a clear identification of each optical fiber, thereby avoiding the confusion caused by
the demolition of the maintenance process. Flame retardant: with GB5169.7 experimental A requirements. Two, ODF single box electric properties
Connector attenuation (insertion, swap, repeat) less than 0.3dB;
Return loss: APC > 60dB, UPC > 50dB type, PC = 40dB;
High voltage protective earthing device:
Insulation resistance: 1000M ohm /500V (DC)
High voltage: 3000V (DC) /1min, no breakdown, no flashover. Ground area: >6mm2, grounding has obvious grounding mark. Three, ODF single box advantage
All kinds of connectors are easy to connect, and the installation is flexible. There are a variety of specifications, such as drawer type and fixed type;
Modular optical fiber distribution box end connection is more convenient, more flexible use;
Support the management of all kinds of optical fiber connector, such as SC, LC, ST, MT-RJ, etc.;
In the 1U space can be up to 48 core LC or MT-RJ (24 dual port LC or 24 MT-RJ) optical fiber
connector; Closed management; In front of the operation, the installation is rapid and convenient; The height of 1U, built two fiber coil ring;
A hidden or Qi Ping mosaic installation. Four, ODF single box application range Cable introduction, fixed and peeling protection, optical fiber splice connection and
protection, storage of pigtail, jumping fiber storage and management, the fixation of the optical fiber connection and cross connection; at the same time, can according to customer
requirements installed optical splitter and wave division multiplexer value-added module. Termination, use and management of optical cable between wiring and equipment.


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