32-core FTTH Terminal Box


Product Description:
Suitable for wall-mounted, pole-mounted, easy for completed in cable’s continue and
distribution, and can satisfy for splitter placed and spectral function.

1. Suitable for outdoor wall-mounted, pole-mounted
2. Can install 4pcs 1*8 PLC Splitter, or 2pcs 1*16 PLC Splitter, or 1pcs 1*32 PLC Splitter
3. For welding, splitting, wiring at an organic whole, can realize cable melt and continue.
4. Up and down cable, convenient operation, reasonable structure.
5.Cable fixed,easy for earthing, spacious inner space to arrange optic fiber.
Technical Parameters (meet with YD/T988-2007)
1. Working temperature: -40°C ~ +60°C
2. Relative humidity: ≤95%(+40°C)
3. Atmospheric pressure: 70Kpa~106Kpa
4. Main cable in/out:Max.2pcs
5. Drop cable in/out:Max.36pcs
6. Upper cover opening angle: Max.180°
7. Application available adaptor type:SC/FC/LC
8. Grounding resistance voltage≤3000V(DC)/ 1min without breakdown, flashover
9. Insulation resistance: ≥2X1000MΩ/500V
10. Weight: 3.3KG
11. Dimension: 420*320*125(mm)


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